Core Conditioning Class
Our dogs are athletes! We expect so much from them. Whether it is Agility trials, hunting dogs or hiking companions, the demands we place on their bodies can be extreme.  There is often talk of our dog being strong in the front end or the back end; but what about the middle? What about the  foundation that holds it all together? This is CORE! It includes everything between the front end and the back end and everything that holds the legs  on the body. These are big muscles. They must be strong in order for the  limbs to function at the height of their ability.  Our private series of classes will target these muscles. I will show you activities to improve all levels of athleticism. We will start with the basics, the ground level and work up to activities on the peanut.
Come join me, and we'll have a ball!

Pawsitive Peformance >> Timbre getting her boogy on
Pawsitive Performance >> Balls are fun
Pawsitive Performance >> Roke at attention!